The TROUBL3MaKeRs SKate TeAm

Eric Martin - Troubl3 Skateboards

Name: Eric Martin
From: New Liskeard Ontario
Age: Mid Elder

My name is. Eric. Some people call me Uncle Ricky, other people call me Eric, one person calls me Dad. Outdoors? You bet. I love nature and living in harmony with it. It doesn’t ask for much and neither do I. I spend most days living in my mind and come to life when an objective is set in place. I have been an infrastructure engineer for 12 years but have been living for a living since I was a teenager. I think? Skateboarding became an odd part of my life when I was 14 and lasted until I was about 17. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. Trying to be cool... fit in.... you know.... that stuff. Needless to say it didn’t fly and I lost interest. At 35 a few of my buddies partially joked about starting a skate crew.. well.. I took that seriously. Getting back on a deck with an egoless approach has been one of the best feeling and hugely rewarding physical and mental challenges I have experienced in my adult life. It has brought me health, and mental balance with patience with myself and others. Be you, the way only you can. Shred the streets and maybe a guitar or bass from time to time. 

ERIC's Pro Deck:Erics Pro Troubl3 Skateboards

Dustin Laurence - Troubl3 Skateboards

Name: Dustin Laurence
From: Toronto Ontario

Custom Troubl3 Deck

Connor Callan
Name: Connor Callan aka Meat Feet
From: Chandler Arizona

Connor's PRO Deck:

Jeremy McInnes
Name: Jeremy McInnes
From: Ottawa Ontario

Jeremy's PRO Deck:

Custom Troubl3 Deck