The artist is busy - COOL STUFF MAN

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  • The artist is busy - COOL STUFF MAN
  • The artist is busy - COOL STUFF MAN
  • The artist is busy - COOL STUFF MAN

The Artist is Busy

This is the wonderful insanity that's absolutely necessary for creativity. Characters and ideas crowd around the artist and beg to come to life. The guy feels like his brain is filled with electric jellyfish, and the only cure is to keep inventing more madness
in a never ending cycle. Keep busy!


Ismael Galvan (AKA Cool Stuff Man) is a first-generation Chicano artist and writer from Southern California. His primary influences are the subcultures of the Golden State and comic books. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from San Diego State University, focusing on Latin American arts. Two black cats occasionally distract him.

High Quality Prints

All prints are made by the artist himself in Oceanside, California. Everything is printed using Cannon products. Paper is Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte and ink is Cannon ChromaLife 100.

All prints are signed by the artist.